Gorgeous Beginnings

Florence was the first Gorgeous Guinea, although we didn’t know it at the time.  I adopted her in October 2002 after seeing an article in the local newspaper about Reading Guinea Pig Rescue (now closed).  This was the first time I discovered it was possible to adopt guineas, not just dogs and cats! Since then, all my guineas have been adopted.

Flo’s biggest contribution in life was to introduce me to Karen who ran the rescue, and we soon became friends.  Shortly afterwards, a large group of badly fungal guineas landed at Reading Guinea Pig Rescue.  Out of that, Gorgeous Guineas products came into being and were launched in 2003.

Without Florence, this would probably never have happened, so thank you dear Flo, you were a star as well as being a big spirit in a little body.  Florence died a week short of her 9th birthday in September 2008 after being with me for 6 amazing years.  Everyone who met Florence thought there was something magical about her - she was always there to meet, greet and wait for a nose rub or a treat from visitors.

About Chrissie

My twin passions in life are Aromatherapy and guinea pigs:)

Back in 2003 Gorgeous Guineas became the world's first  range of skincare products designed specifically for the needs of guinea pigs.  With qualifications in both Human and Animal Aromatics, I love using this knowledge to create products for specific skincare issues. 

No Animal Testing here...all our products are test-driven by willing humans before being used on guineas.  In the beginning, I started with just 3 products, but over the years, this grew into a comprehensive range.  Many ideas for new products came from requests from guineas pig rescues that we worked with, and also customers.  I am always on the lookout for new ingredients to try out. 

One thing we refuse to compromise on is QUALITY.  "Just" because the products are made for guinea pigs rather than humans doesn't mean that cheap ingredients are used to keep costs down. I always use the most appropriate ingredients I can find, because they are more effective therapeutically.

Although I know my products are effective and have helped many guineas with really bad skin problems over the years, it always makes my day when I receive emails from customers raving about how well the products have worked:)