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Conditioning Shampoos

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Our range of handmade shampoos are designed to be kind to your guinea's skin.  Currently available in 70ml and 150ml. Larger sizes are available on request. 

Commercial shampoos often contain harsh detergents and other chemicals that may be very irritating to your guinea, causing redness and dryness.  Our shampoos are based on ingredients derived from plants that are kinder to the skin.  No SLS, SLES, or SLSA detergents are used.  We use the minimum amount of preservatives, and any colour in the shampoo comes from the pure Essential Oils.

IMPORTANT NOTE: guineas under 3 to 4 months old generally do not need to be bathed unless they have a skin problem.

Average Shelf Life: 12 to 14 months.
 due to restrictions imposed by the Royal Mail.
Please contact us BEFORE ORDERING if you require more than 1 Litre.**