Gorgeous Guineas' Friends

Here is a list of our nearest and dearest without whom Gorgeous Guineas wouldn't exist: 

Florence - the first guinea that I adopted from Karen at Reading Guinea Pig Rescue. As a result of meeting Karen and helping her with an intake of 17 fungal guineas, Gorgeous Guineas, was born in 2003 :) Florence spent 6 years as a much loved Gorgeous Guinea and died just a month short of her 9th birthday in September 2008. 


Guinea Pig Welfare - a really useful / sensible resource for all things guinea. Karen gave up Reading Guinea Pig Rescue a while ago, it was where most of my own Gorgeous Guineas were adopted from. Karen helps with product development and testing. She is one of the hardest people to please... that's a good thing when it comes to fine-tuning products!

Answer - Telephone Answering Service who take our messages while we are busy making products or packing orders. Great service at a good price:)

Greenacre Computer Services Ltd - our local user-friendly computer shop where you get fantastic customer service / support, impartial advice and they also dig you out of technical holes. Thanks guys!