Quick Product Recommendations

Information on this website is provided for reference only and is no substitute for proper Veterinary diagnosis and care.

Preventative Maintenance:  Guineas that are bathed every 4-6 weeks, kept in the correct environment and on appropriate bedding (ie not wood shavings / sawdust) are less likely to get skin problems than those that are not.  Any of our shampoos can be used for this purpose.  If the guinea has never had a skin problem, use one of the Conditioning Shampoos.  If the guinea has had problems with crusty / scurfy skin problems, use the Manuka & Neem Shampoo instead.  Check out this page for more useful information and our Top Tips for guinea pig skincare.
Large areas of crusty / scurfy skin:  CocoNeem Melt / Manuka & Neem Shampoo / Kwench Lotion, or if there are thick crusts, use Super Soufflé Cream for a few days to soften the crusty areas before attempting to do anything else.
Small areas of crusty / scurfy (eg around the face, nose, ears):  Kwench Lotion. If there are thick crusts, use Super Soufflé Cream for a few days to soften the crusty areas, and once they improve and start coming away, shampoo with Manuka & Neem Shampoo.

Crusty Ears: Kwench Lotion or F&M Ointment.

Nose Strips: Kwench Lotion.

Mouth / Nose Sores & Crusts:  F & M Ointment.

Foot Problems: Perfect Paws Ointment where there is just a small amount of redness / tenderness or hard, cracked skin. F&M Ointment for feet that are red, irritated, swollen or crusty.

Cracked / Sore / Crusty Nipples:  F&M Ointment or Super Soufflé Cream.

Damp Skin / Tummies: Perfect Paws Ointment can help where the skin has been irritated by urine leaking.

External parasites:  Lice ‘n’ Easy Shampoo.
Pregnant sows:  ONLY use the products recommended as being suitable and not containing Essential Oils.

Mange Mites:  MUST be treated with Ivermectin by your Vet as the live under the skin rather than on it.  Most UK Vets now recommend Xeno 50 or Xeno 450 (depending on your guinea's weight) rather than injections, which can be very painful for guineas.  Follow the instructions carefully – usually two applications 10 days apart will sort the problem out. You should see an improvement 24-48 hours after application as the mites start to die off. Mange mites can kill if left untreated, so please take your guinea to the Vet as soon as possible.

Guineas often get fungal and parasitic problems at the same time, so please get a diagnosis from your Vet and ensure they are treated for both as appropriate.