Guinea Pig Rescues

If you are thinking of getting guineas, PLEASE consider adopting rather than buying from a pet shop.  Sadly many guineas sold in pet shops end up in rescues as the humans purchasing them did so on a whim, without realising the amount of care that they need.

There are many lovely guineas waiting in rescues around the country for their Forever Home.  Pet shops only sell babies that are a few weeks old.  As fun as they are at this age, they really aren't suitable for small children to handle.  Older guineas are usually more sedate, used to being handled and would enjoy sitting on your lap and being cuddled.

Reputable rescues will usually match guinea pigs with people and if you have an older guinea that has recently lost its partner, you are more likely to find a guinea of a similar age.

Pet shop guineas often come with "unwanted gifts" such as Lice, Mites, respiratory infections, fungal skin problems or surprise pregnancies.  

Google 'guinea pig adoption near me' or 'guinea pig rescues near me'.